The Merchant City

Day 3

By Ander Hornraven

Well. I found Bran. Fucker was following us. Aer was able to stop him and I decked him. Apparently the Cult of the Chained Hand has Kithri, and he was willing to sacrifice himself for her. How goddamn romantic. Like a fucking love story or something. Either way, I can’t simply let those magic-hating fucks do what they want with Kithri – she needs to come back to Ashen Bank. So for now I’m helping Bran, though I don’t trust him at all. We found out that the Cult of the Chained Hand is working with a mage – given the magic artifacts and illusory wall we found back at their church. We told these things to Lady Vizier, and she paid us and told us what happened with “Roman.” Apparently he was working on something super secret – something that culminated in his ship exploding with many important people on board. The Arcanists mind-controlled the whole town to protect themselves, but it looks as though the damage has been done. So now I’m stuck between a hypocritical cult, a mind-washing group of mages, and a lovesick brother who could run at any moment. Just another great day in the Merchant City.


Jim_S jwelty

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