The Merchant City

Day 3
By Ander Hornraven

Well. I found Bran. Fucker was following us. Aer was able to stop him and I decked him. Apparently the Cult of the Chained Hand has Kithri, and he was willing to sacrifice himself for her. How goddamn romantic. Like a fucking love story or something. Either way, I can’t simply let those magic-hating fucks do what they want with Kithri – she needs to come back to Ashen Bank. So for now I’m helping Bran, though I don’t trust him at all. We found out that the Cult of the Chained Hand is working with a mage – given the magic artifacts and illusory wall we found back at their church. We told these things to Lady Vizier, and she paid us and told us what happened with “Roman.” Apparently he was working on something super secret – something that culminated in his ship exploding with many important people on board. The Arcanists mind-controlled the whole town to protect themselves, but it looks as though the damage has been done. So now I’m stuck between a hypocritical cult, a mind-washing group of mages, and a lovesick brother who could run at any moment. Just another great day in the Merchant City.

Day 2: Destroying a Building and Sneaking into Churches
Introducing Charles!

Today happened a little to quickly. I’ve been trailing these three big guys for a while and today they saw me. It started when I heard them talking about “The Bound Hand” while pickpocketing a merchant. The Bound Hand, my parents, I was never able to find anything myself so I figured I’d see if they could lead me to something. I snuck into a building after them but some geezer proved to be problematic. He saw me, I was scared but couldn’t see any escape so I threw a dart to incapacitate him,. It didn’t work. He froze me and the three stooges came up the stairs to help. Not good. I broke free and sprinted past them, bad move they didn’t like that. The shiny one cut me with his sword, pony tail hit my other shoulder as I ran past and the hammer hit a wall, geezer didn’t like that and went to go look for something in the, broom closet I assume. Down the stairs I thought I was home free, not even close. Pony tail had sticks, and the floor boards splintered then, I just stopped and sat. Hammer picked me up and kissed me on the forehead like I was a pet. Shiny asked me if I was friend or foe and I don’t actually know yet but I said friend to keep from being crushed. Then a hot magic lady brought us into her office and offered me a job. Well really I had to help her and the bozos find out about the Bound Hand or I’d be handed over to the appropriate authorities. Perfect. I stayed outside with Pony Tail, whose name is apparently Ülthor but Pony Tail is easier to pronounce, while Shiny (Alder) and Hammer (Aer) went into a church to find out what they could about the Bound Hand and turns out they had a large Ceremony at sunset. Those two, with Hammer disguised so non of the Hand would kill him on sight went to the Ceremony to scope out the scene while I snuck into the offices above the Ceremony to see what I could find. Pony tail became a rat scoped out the area under me. After plenty of trial and error, I found a lot of documents that the Church was receiving a lot of money from some bad people. Like Sul, the leader of the Mercenaries Guild. The church had also recently paid the Mercenaries Guild an The Monster Hunters to get rid of some goblins in an alley outside of city. They also had some business going on at the cities docks but that document was half burned and didn’t’ help to much. I heard someone coming after the Ceremony ended and went out the window. Pony Tail snuck around as a rat downstairs and managed to steal a brooch. We met up with Shiny and Hammer when Shiny started telling us about a familiar face he saw after they left he Ceremony.
– Charles Whitarrow

Session 1
The First Day
I finally made it to the “Merchant City” that I had heard so much about in the early hours of the morning. Clearly this place earned its reputation as the center of this part of the world. Countless towers bristle from its hills like the sails of the ships in the harbor, and from its gates I could watch a constant flow of merchants in and out of the market. But its size only gives me more reason to be wary. Everyone has secrets, and a city of this size serves only to collect them. As such, I thought it wise to find another druid if possible so as to learn about the city from a friendly source. Knowing of the city’s many professional guilds, I asked for directions to the alchemist’s guild from a passing merchant to inquire about any druids who worked as herbalists. Upon following the man’s directions, I found myself at a rather bizarre arcanist’s guild. Apparently the merchant misheard my question in his hurry, and when I asked a passing paladin for new directions, he quickly refused my request. It’s really no wonder I hate cities. Fortunately I found the alchemist’s guild on my own and learned of a dwarf druid in the city, so I set out to his hut at once. He was a strange man, but I’ve met stranger and he was helpful in pointing me towards a few possible ways I could help the local guilds and perhaps earn some coin to ease my stay in the city. Taking interest in his story of a local cult worshiping a “bondage god”, I took to the streets to learn more. Stopping at a crowd listening to a preacher of the “chained god”, I learned that this cult was even more sinister than I imagined. This so called Church of the Bound God abhors all arcane magic and any magical races. Their message was unfortunately similar to that of Ulgrak Bloodstone, the man who destroyed my home, which obliged me to at least aid in casting them out of the city. Seeking out an opportunity to do so, I returned to the arcanist’s guild which I had fortuitously visited earlier; there, a gnome bookkeeper named Malcolm informed me that their guild had been searching for assistance with regards to the church, and I agreed to return the next day to learn more from their vizier. I returned to my inn for the night and had plate of braised leeks and sausage, as I always enjoy the food of a city over the meager cooking I can do at a campfire. While eating, I saw a surprising pair enter the room: the paladin who I had spoken with briefly at the arcanist’s guild and a genosi cleric. Recognizing the paladin and interested in meeting a genosi, I approached the two. Over a conjured pitcher of water (intended futilely to counteract the paladin’s pint of ale), I learned the two were Ander Hornraven and Aer, respectively. The two had apparently returned from a tiring day but were still looking for work in the city, so when I mentioned my potential job with the arcanist’s guild, they quickly (if not enthusiastically) offered to help. I’m happy for the help, but I have many questions about the two I would like answered. Why, for instance, are they sharing a room? -Ülthor Swordwind
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